Local Food Nodes (previously Bygdens Saluhall)

Local food nodes is a project that aim to supply a kind of infrastructure for local food distribution. What we do with the platform is to allow consumers and producers to meet at specific times and places in order enable sales directly. Anyone can set up a delivery node and once enough suppliers are connected to the site it will become visible for consumers on the platform.

Suppliers can connect to a node and offer their products for delivery to that node, consumers book the products ahead of the set delivery dates. Product payments go straight from the consumers to the producers and do not happen on the platform, the producer can specify how it would like its payments with each product. Some only do cash-on-delivery, others do invoices, electronic tranfers or whatever. We facilitate transactions by bundling orders and supplying referencenumbers but we handle no money and we do not assume the responsiblity of the products, that is still on the producers since they deliver straight to the end consumer. What we offer is an easy way to meet and to show local food wares.

Anyone that would like to book anything from the site needs to become a member of the platform and when you do you will have to pay a yearly membership fee. This is the fee that runs our development and maintenance of the platform. However, we believe that we all have different needs and abilities so what amount that membership fee is, is up to you! Currently we are only set to use paypal for the membership fees.

You can (shortly) find the platform at localfoodnodes.org