About Viktor

I have a long standing relationship with computers and the internet and have been preoccupied with envisioning futures from a fairly young age. To recreate myself and the world around me in new ways makes me tick.

In academia I studied computers, networks and business and started a carrer in software development and IT consulting. Quickly I realized that my desires were not compatible with how that career was unfolding and I left in order to investigate what it was I wanted to spend my time on.

At that point I had already begun to interest my self in local economics and food production. A goal to learn about aquaponic gardening led me to stumble upon the concept of Permaculture and after taking a Permaculture Design Course under Richard Perkins in 2013, my perspectives had widened conciderably.

Since then I have been studying a wide veriety of fields including:

  • Regenerative agriculture and enterprise
  • Alternative economics and local currency systems
  • Tools for cooperative and collaborative organisations
  • Non-Violent Communication

I am currently exited to deepen my practical knowledge of implementing Regenerative Enterprises in the areas of local food and ecovillage design. My aim is to also make the learning journey more co-creative and to offer knowledge to others.

In the background you can see a swedish national park called Söderåsen, my home is on the edge of the park in a village called Röstånga.