¡Attention Here Now!

Out of all the wonderful things around, these are the ones that I think should be flooded with more attention.

Open Source Ecology

Open source design and manufacturing organisation with the goal of creating the open source economy.

Charles Eisenstein

An author/speaker talking about a new story for humanity and how the workings of our world are reflections of our collective selfimage.

Rushkoff & Team Human

A writer and media theorist uncovering the operating system of society.

Polly Higgins & End Ecocide

Polly is one of the leading characters in the international movment to give nature universal rights

Ridgedale Permaculture

The foremost example and learning center for regenerative agriculture in Sweden.


A New Zeeland Collective that is paving the way for collaborative and open source enterprise.

Money & Life

A documentary that highlights how our monetary agreements are shaping our culture and our society.

Basic Income

The concept of a basic income that is growing into our collective perspective can be an enabler for transition to a new society.