At times I may also be available to provide some services for others. Please use the contact page for enquiries.

I can help with:

Cooperative Consulting

We are entering an age of cooperation as the primary driver in place of competition. This means that our organisations need to increase their capacity for cooperation both within the organisations and in relation to outside entities.

I can facilitate organisational learning with onlinetools for cooperation in joint production (Googledocs, Wikis) communication (Asana, Slack) and decicionmaking (Loomio).

Enterprise design

All organisations exist in context and using permaculture principles and other frameworks we may more easily achive our organisational purposes. Helping organisations transition from old, closed and hierarchical systems with linear production to a new way of operating based on consepts such inter-dependance, industrial-symbiosis, autonomy and evolutionary purpose.

I provide consulting services which serve to:

  • Find new uses for your wastes
  • Explore ways on reducing management to create atonomy
  • Navigate emerging trends in financing and business models
Images courtesy of Nounproject (Becris, BomSymbol)